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From New York Times Bestseller comes one of her best stories to date.

“What do you do when you meet your soul mate? No wait…that’s too easy. What do you do when you meet your soul mate and have to spend a lifetime loving him in secret? 

I’ll tell you what you do.

You lie.”


Ren was eight when he learned that love doesn’t exist—that the one person who was supposed to adore him only cared how much he was worth. 

His mother sold him and for two years, he lived in terror.

But then…he ran.

He thought he’d run on his own. Turned out, he took something of theirs by accident and it became the one thing he never wanted and the only thing he ever needed. 


I was young when I fell in love with him, when he switched from my world to my everything. 

My parents bought him for cheap labour, just like they had with many other kids, and he had the scars to prove it. 

At the start, he hated me, and I could understand why.

For years he was my worst enemy, fiercest protector, and dearest friend.

But by the end…he loved me.

The only problem was, he loved me in an entirely different way to the way I loved him.

And slowly, my secret drove us apart. 

March 6
Pepper Winters
pepper winters

Customer Reviews

Heart series ,

The Boy And His Ribbon

Absolutely loved this book ! It draws you in to all the feelings of these children, and the fear and love for then from me, the reader. So well told, Ms. Winters sets herself far above the average storyteller ! Thank you for a thrilling read.

JLoc0303 ,


Best story!

mj_toth ,

Unexpected, all-consuming, beautiful

My heart has been stolen by Ren and Della. How do I describe something so unexpected, all-consuming and just absolutely beautiful. This is what I experienced as I devoured The Boy and His Ribbon. The pure grit and determination that lives in Ren to escape the horrors his mother delivered him into is powerful. But when he is faced with an unexpected challenge, a baby, well, he shows his true character. As much as he wants to be a loner due to his distrust of adults and humans, his moral compass shines through and Della becomes his world. Della doesn’t know a life without Ren. Her innocence and trust provide a needed beacon into his dark view of the world. How their journey unfolds is magical and truly something everyone needs to experience for themselves.

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