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Twelve-year-old Bobby Baxter’s not the bravest kid on Earth. His list of things that scare him is up to number 689, and includes lightning, crowds, spiders, alien abductions, crocodiles, falling from great heights, falling from small heights and eggs. 

So when he learns that he’s the first Earthling ever chosen to attend the Galactic Space Academy, light years away from home, he’s terrified—and that’s before he discovers that someone at the academy wants the boy from Earth gone. 

‘No child from Earth has ever been chosen to attend the Galactic Space Academy.’ The hologram’s eyes narrowed on Bobby. ‘Until now.’

‘Why me?’ Bobby said, bewildered.

‘It’s a mystery to me,’ the hologram assured him.

‘What if I don’t want to go?’

‘You may reject our offer,’ the hologram said. ‘But it would reflect badly on Earth. Not that people are thinking Earth is backward and primitive,’ he hastened to add. ‘But if they were thinking it…well…they’d be thinking it even more. If you know what I mean.’ 

Darrell Pitt is the author of A Toaster on Mars, shortlisted for the Russell Prize for Humour Writing, and the Jack Mason Adventures, a series of five novels including The Firebird Mystery, a CBCA Notable Book. He lives in Melbourne. 

‘…a great new take on the “school-but-different” genre…the universe Pitt has crafted is imaginative and original.’ Reading Time CBCA

‘Darrell Pitt has written a fast-paced and funny novel.’ ReadPlus

‘Beneath the brilliantly absurd entertaining adventure is a narrative of compassion solidarity and confidence. Wildly entertaining for the adventurous middle grade reader.’ Diva Booknerd

‘Readers will progress from snickers to giggles to, finally, belly laughs and shouts of outrage.’ Kirkus Reviews on A Toaster on Mars 

‘This novel crackles with wit…the fun doesn’t let up.’ Booklist on A Toaster on Mars

February 26
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