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This is a science mechanics book. The accompanying sketch illustrates a two-cylinder single-acting, poppet valve steam engine of home construction. The entire engine, excepting the flywheel, shaft, valve cams, pistons and bracing rods connecting the upper and lower plates of the frame proper, is of brass, the other parts named being of cast iron and bar steel. The cylinders, G, are of seamless brass tubing, 1-1/2 in. outside diameter; the pistons, H, are ordinary 1-1/2 in. pipe caps turned to a plug fit, and ground into the cylinders with oil and emery. This operation also finishes the inside of the cylinders. The upright rods binding the top and bottom plates are of steel rod about 1/8-in. in diameter, threaded into the top plate and passing through holes in the bottom plate with hexagonal brass nuts beneath. The valves, C, and their seats, B, bored with a countersink bit, are plainly shown. The valves were made by threading a copper washer, 3/8 in. in diameter, and screwing it on the end of the valve rod, then wiping on roughly a tapered mass of solder and grinding it into the seats B with emery and oil.

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June 18
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Public Domain

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Abizar ,

Make sure you get the PDF version

Two editions, the one that you can get on iBooks does not have illustrations which makes the book pretty useless. There is a PDF version which has the illustrations. The "projects" are a collection from various sources, very superficially described with some amazing period drawings. Nice information on projects very few could ever make with the limited information provided.

Pippo W. ,


Though informative this book leaves it up to your imagination for its illustrations. I'm not that imaginative so found the book terrible.

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