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Full-time FindingJoy.net blogger, speaker, marketer, podcaster, and single mom of seven, Rachel Marie Martin presents a rallying cry to anyone who believes the lie that she is "just a mom."

Over the years, you willingly pour everything you have into your family, but in the process, you lose the essence of who you are. In her characteristic raw and visceral style, Rachel teaches you how to rewrite the pages of your story, follow your passion, and discover the beauty of who you are.

Drawing on lessons from her own incredible journey--together with insight from conversations with thousands of other women--Rachel encourages moms to break cycles, take off masks, and prevent fear from taking control. She balances her "no excuses" approach with breathing room and grace for those messy moments in life and mothering.

Rachel reminds you there is always a reason to hope, to move forward, and to dare the impossible. You can make changes. You can pursue dreams, find yourself, and live a life of deep happiness and boundless joy. Stop waiting for "someday." Take hold of the moment, and say yes to your dreams.

Health, Mind & Body
October 9
The Crown Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Ashleaw ,

All women should read this!

The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Martin is simply amazing y’all! I have read a lot of good books but there have only been 2 that I would classify as life changing for me and this is one of them! You don’t even have to be a mom to get help from what Rachel shared in these pages. I have followed her blog for a couple of years and have always loved her style of writing. It’s like she’s having a genuine, authentic conversation with you. This book is the same way. She shares a raw emotion that resonates with so many women and I found myself feeling like she was literally writing about my life in some parts of the book. It’s so much more than just a bunch of inspirational quotes to make you feel good for a short time. She discusses how we get stuck in patterns that start all the way back in our childhood and exposes the excuses we make to justify staying in those patterns. Then she teaches how to break the cycle and gives you the tools needed to build your confidence. From the beginning where she bravely bares the hard, ugly parts of her past, to the practical action steps she provides to break free from the harmful cycles we find ourselves stuck in, Rachel has filled this book with good stuff from cover to cover! This is one that I will read and reference over and over again!

Mia The Bohemian Chic ,

Engaging and life changing book

Rachel Martin is a promoter of change and reclaiming yourself as a mother and woman in her new book, The Brave Art of Motherhood. As a full-time mother, blogger, author and entrepreneur, she understands how hard change can be. Yet through her own struggles, self reflection and encouragement from others, she has learned that you can fight the fear of excuses, to break the cycle of being stuck and wants mothers everywhere to know they can too. This book challenges you to find the courage to say yes to your dreams and find yourself in the midst of motherhood.