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Captain of a ship haunted by its past.

When Wil Litang, the first mate of the tramp freighter Lost Star, reluctantly accepted the job as acting captain, little did he realize that the Lost Star had a mysterious and dangerous past. A past that had caught up with it. And a future filled with danger and discoveries that would eventually lead him to the real Lost Star.

The Bright Black Sea is the first volume of the Lost Star Stories. The novel is set in the Nine Star Nebula – a compact nebula of nine stars and hundreds of planets, wrapped within vast fields of asteroids, gas, and dust. Drawing on the classic space opera motifs of space ships, space pirates, sentient robots, and uncharted worlds of wonder, C. Litka crafts an epic story full of mystery, danger, and romance. Join Captain Wil Litang and the crew of the Lost Star and escape to a wonder-filled future in the black and bright space of the Nine Star Nebula.

The adventures of Captain Wil Litang continue in concluding volume of the Lost Star Stories – The Lost Star’s Sea, an epic adventure novel written in the classic planetary romance motif made famous by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

C. Litka writes old-fashioned novels with modern sensibilities, humor, and romance. His lighthearted novels of adventure, mystery, and travel are set in richly imagined worlds and feature a colorful cast of well drawn characters. If you seek to escape, for a few hours, your everyday life, you will not find better company, nor more wonderful worlds to travel and explore, than in the novels of C. Litka.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 17
C. Litka
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Customer Reviews

Playing to relax ,

I've been hungry for this--a non-military space story with

thought out characters acting in a manner consistent with those characters. The choice of voice or narrator is interesting. I don't know how to describe the plot which is episodic yet doesn't feel that way. Anyway, I strongly recommend this book even though it needs some copy editing.
C. Litka invites corrections but I am not aware of any method of doing this that doesn't ruin the story telling besides being too cumbersome for both editor and author.
Read THE BRIGHT BLACK SEA. At 2,100 pages, it is too short.

Yet another Ken... ,

A book that can be read more than once.

That says a lot. Great read. And there is a book II. Wow. Gotta lotta teeth.

Allucanreadinlifetime ,

Awesome Read...

Liked it,, fresh story line with lots of adventure.. Good read,,,

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