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A saga of immense charm and warmth, with three characters you won't forget. Thea, Anna and Daisy forge an unbreakable friendship through adversity.

Thea's loathsome stepbrother is trying to trick her out of her inheritance of her parents' beautiful house in the seaside town of Brighton by means of a Will which Thea believes to be forged. He gives her three months in which to leave. Afterwards she will face destitution.

Anna is pregnant and grieving, her explorer fiancé lost at sea. Her violent father drives her from the family home in the back streets of London's Bermondsey and her fiancé's upper-class relatives cruelly reject her.

Daisy is in search of independence, running from a man she doesn't want to marry.

Together the three girls set up Thea's home as a guest house and embark on a mission to outwit her stepbrother by proving his fraud. In a race against time, nothing will turn out to be quite as it seems.

Fiction & Literature
July 4
Head of Zeus
Head of Zeus

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Lovely story

The Brighton Guest House Girls is a charming story. This historical drama drew me right in with its engaging characters, lovely seaside town, and diverse storylines. I thought the characters were developed. The three ladies come from different backgrounds, but each is struggling to get ahead. I like how they bond together. They end up becoming a family and support each other. The author has an engaging writing style and the book had lovely flow. I just wanted to keep reading to see how The Brighton Guest House Girls would end. The story does have its villains which just encouraged me to root more for our ladies. I like how the three women worked to overcome adversity and the hurdles put in front of them. We get to see Daisy, Anna and Thea grow from their challenges. They become stronger and more prepared to handle what life will throw at them in the future. The ending is gratifying and uplifting. The Brighton Guest House Girls is a heartwarming story that will give you the warm fuzzies.

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