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Betsey's life was pure disappointment
Until an angel tumbled out from a crack in the sky.

Betsey Weisz dreamed of being a fashion designer in New York, but instead she's a failure: the cashier at a run-down diner off the Jersey Turnpike. When she hoped for a different and better life, she never dreamed that things would take a dramatic and permanent turn for the weird.

First came the explosion of cosmic lightning over the parking lot. Before she knew it, the blast transformed a geriatric gangster into a spider-monster with a taste for souls - especially Betsey's. Lucky for her, the eight-legged creature didn't come alone.

Matt Zero, an impossibly handsome stranger with no memory of the past, stepped out of a crack in the sky and right into Betsey's life. While he can't remember where he came from, he knows two things for sure: he's not supposed to be there, and he and Betsey need to fight the beast together.

Betsey's got no choice but to team up with Matt as she questions what remains of her rapidly-collapsing life. If she survives long enough to learn the truth, she'll find a secret so deep and dark that it's literally out of this world.

The Broken Sky is the first installment in a paranormal fantasy adventure that's infused with compelling characters, Lovecraftian monsters, mind-blowing twists, and side-splitting humor in a surreal, imaginative world.

Society of Steam author Andrew P. Mayer's new series is equal parts Doctor Who and China Miéville and it's bound to entertain even the most discerning of paranormal lovers.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 17
Andrew P. Mayer
Draft2Digital, LLC

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