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Jerone Davison strived to live his life by seven fundamental pillars of good character, attributes whose value in life and love are undeniable:

Pillar # 1 – Never Stop Loving and Serving God To My Last Breath

Pillar # 2 – Never Disrespect The Truth, Even When It Hurts Me

Pillar # 3 – Always Agree With God’s Word

Pillar # 4 – Always Pray, Even When There Are No Words

Pillar # 5 – Always Win The Battle In The Mind

Pillar # 6 – Never Surrender My Beliefs For Temporary Reliefs 

Pillar # 7 – Always Be Loyal To The Ones I’m Committed To

Too often it’s only the stories of betrayed women that are told. In The Broken Strongman, Davison shares with aching honesty the pain of being a betrayed man. In such a situation, it’s not only the husband who is deeply injured by such behavior; the children suffer, as well, and are even less prepared to deal with the pain. But hope, healing, and victory may be found in the love of Jesus.

    •    Brokenness taught me I am stronger in the Lord than I can ever be in me. 

    •    Brokenness taught me there’s beauty in the strength of the Lord.  

    •    Brokenness taught me a greater appreciation for the Word of God. I’ve always had a rich appreciation for the Word of God, but when I became broken, the Bible was my lifeline. 

Jerone Davison is a former professional athlete with the National Football League. Today, he is senior pastor at Harvest Family Life Center in Fairfield, California. His passion is for helping both couples and singles recognize the beauty and constancy of putting God first in any relationship. His first book, The Spiritual Fragrance of A Woman: The Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man, was published in 2007.

September 22
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