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The Broker is a provocative look into the boardrooms, bedrooms and blowouts of the people and corporations that power the American insurance industry and tells the story of the deals and the decadence in an industry that reaps unimaginable profits. Dan Morton is the jet-setting President of Morton Insurance Advisors, a broker who will do anything to keep his clients happy, the competition at bay and the money rolling in. John Walter Andrews, the outsider brought in to turn around the money-hemorrhaging giant BFIC Insurance. As he fends off the Wall Street wolves snapping at his heels, he is threatened by an internal coup led by Katy Christopher, the heir apparent whose twenty-five year career at BFIC steamrolled when she was passed up by the board of directors for the top spot. The unfortunate Claire Parker, lured by Dan Morton to leave a successful career at BFIC to join the heady world of the broker business, only to have her high ideals crushed when she encounters a hostile, dysfunctional work environment of burned-out brats. And the young Angela Abbott, a lowly BFIC employee tucked away in the background, whose future is dramatically changed the day Bill Deering walks into the office, and into her life.

Engrossing and important, The Broker is full of characters you will not soon forget, and a must read for every American who wants to understand the power, and the wealth, we have given the insurance industry over our lives, our health and our future.

Fiction & Literature
August 12
D J Presson
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