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The bunch package presented in this material introduces a fun and imaginative way to add a new look to your multiple formation look. Coaches Coverdale and Robinson have compiled one of the most complete outlines of this principle that I have seen. Its detail and comprehensive approach will be an excellent guide for you to use in implementing these concepts into your offense. We have used the bunch offense a great deal during my coaching career and always felt that it was a viable part of our complete offensive package. Whether you use multiple sets in your offensive scheme or are just looking for something new to add as a changeup to your normal offensive scheme, you will find The Bunch Attack a valuable part of your coaching library. 

—Brian Billick, ESPN Analyst, Former Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens.

One of the key things to understand about the bunch concept is that it is a principle as opposed to an entire offensive system. As a result, this book can be extremely useful to you, and specifically what you already do, regardless of your basic system and philosophy. The ideas in this book can be applied and taught to enhance the chances of players who are operating within most any fundamental offensive framework. Pro set, wing-T, run-and-shoot, single-back, split-back veer, ace with two tight ends and two wide receivers, and flexbone are among those offensive sets’ general styles of attack that fit this bill. With this goal in mind, we introduce you to the bunch attack.


1: The Bunch Principle of Attack: An Introduction 

2: Theoretical Considerations: Understanding Bunch’s Specific Benefits and Concerns 

3: Bunch’s Guiding Principles, Package Basics, and General Attack Concepts 

4: Systematics: Creating a Versatile, Teachable Framework for Bunch 

5: First Things First: Pass Protection and Its Application to the Bunch Attack 

6: Building the Mesh Route Package 

7: Attacking Coverages With the Mesh Package 

8: The Slant Route 

9: The Fade Route 

10: The Triangle Package 

11: The Vertical Switch/Choice Route Package 

12: The Smash Route 

13: The Dig Route 

14: The Cross Package Off Four Verticals 

15: The Hinge Route 

16: The Over Route 

17: The Flood Route 

18: Creating Packaged Sides With the Bunch Principle 

19: Scratching the Surface: Exploring Other Possibilities Offered by the Bunch Concept 

20: Down to Practicalities: Installing Bunch Principles Within the Overall Scope of an Offense 

21: Closing Thoughts on the Bunch Principle 

22: New Developments in the Bunch

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