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Does lack of time or money keep you from pursuing an interest in natural health and energy clearing techniques? Do you wish someone would distill the key facts so that you could absorb them quickly and begin to use them to improve your life?

The Busy Person’s Guide series was designed by Maggie and Nigel Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions to give you concise training in proven methods they have mastered over the years for:
•Doing energy clearings
•Performing space clearing
•Dealing with weird things like ghosts, curses and aliens
•Living a healthier life by approaching health from a natural perspective

Life is busy, and it can take a lot of time and money to become competent in any of the above subjects, and yet they are hugely beneficial for improving the quality of your life. "The Busy Person’s Guide: The Complete Series" includes all four Busy Person’s Guides at a price anyone can afford.

You are aware that invisible aspects of the world, like noxious environmental energies, curses and ghosts can have a negative effect on your health and well-being, and you want to know what to do about them. You are concerned about how to approach health so that you and your loved ones enjoy happy, healthy lives with optimal longevity, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t have the time or money to invest in attending workshops, and you want someone to give you just what you need to know to become competent, fast.

"The Busy Person’s Guide: The Complete Series" will teach you everything you need to know to quickly become competent in these methods for an affordable price. Maggie and Nigel Percy have drawn on their many years of experience to craft concise, easy-to-follow guides with plenty of exercises that will give you what you need to know to get results fast, without wading through a lot of fluff. All four guides in the series are included in this set. Each guide can be mastered in one intensive weekend of study or one leisurely month. If you are a dowser, you will enjoy the chapter on how to use dowsing to improve your outcomes even more. Each of the four guides in this compilation book contain content you would get in a one-day workshop at a fraction of the price.

Get "The Busy Person’s Guide: The Complete Series", and before long, you’ll be knowledgeable and competent at space clearing, energy clearing of all types, dealing with weird energies like ghosts, curses and aliens. Plus you’ll have a whole new perspective on creating the health you want by using a natural approach that anyone can learn.

Health, Mind & Body
April 25
Sixth Sense Books
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