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Are you confused and overwhelmed about how to make good, natural health choices for yourself, your family and your pets?

"The Busy Person’s Guide To Natural Health" is a concise guide to help you approach health and healing in a natural fashion, tapping into the body’s tremendous power to heal itself by giving it the best possible environment to do so. Even if your budget is tight, there is much you can do to reach your health goals.

Maggie and Nigel Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions have been natural health advocates for decades. Maggie began her healing journey in 1990 when she had an extreme reaction to general anesthetic which doctors had no way to cure. That journey led her to explore other approaches to healing using her two degrees in Biology and fueled by her conviction that her health could be restored. Her path led through various holistic modalities like herbs, nutrition and homeopathy and on to energy therapies like Reiki and EFT. Finally, she learned dowsing to help her make good choices. These experiences not only led to healing; they taught her a more natural approach to health, one that anyone can use to reap health benefits.

Modern science only understands a small percent of all there is to know about how health is created in the human body, and that leads to confusing messages that flip-flop on key topics like what the best diet consists of or what the root cause of heart disease or cancer is. The conflicting advice and sudden abandonment of guidelines by experts can leave you wondering whom you can trust for help and support. In "The Busy Person’s Guide To Natural Health", you will discover how you can evaluate the latest suggestions for good health and make choices that will lead to better results by using a natural perspective.

"The Busy Person’s Guide To Natural Health" is not simply a list of dos and don’ts; instead, it teaches you how to make decisions that will optimize your experience of health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic, by approaching health from a natural perspective, meaning creating optimal conditions for your body to heal, repair and thrive in today’s world. It teaches you an approach that will give you an empowered viewpoint on health, instead of simply following the crowd or doing as you are told.

Included in this guide are:
•a discussion of factors affecting physical and energetic health
•key technological challenges to health and how to deal with them
•how to use dowsing and intuition to make good choices
•how to set health goals and mold them to a natural health approach
•simple, affordable natural health solutions
•a Resources section that provides you with a jumping off point for diving deeper into the subject
•exercises to help you think about your situation and how to approach making positive changes to help you reach your goals

Get "The Busy Person’s Guide To Natural Health" now and become empowered to make better, more natural choices for the health of yourself, your family and your pets.

Health, Mind & Body
April 25
Sixth Sense Books
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