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Are you concerned that energies in your environment may be contributing to or even causing your health problem, your relationship challenge, or your financial difficulties?

If you want to create prosperity, harmony and good health, you must address environmental energies. You may be familiar with using feng shui, sage or a statement of intention to clear the energies in your home or at work, but even though those methods work, they do not address all the myriad noxious energies you face in modern life.

Maggie and Nigel Percy of Sixth Sense Books and Discovering Dowsing spent nearly 20 years as professional space clearers in addition to offering training in the subject. They know that in order to be safe and effective, you need to follow certain procedures and be aware of pitfalls. An understanding of the wide variety of noxious energies and how to deal with them is vital for success. You need to have protection in some cases, and you must know how often to clear and what the best method is for dealing with noxious energies in a rapidly changing environment.

"The Busy Person’s Guide To Space Clearing" teaches you everything you need to know to become competent fast. There’s no filler or fluff. It will show you:
•All about the different types of noxious energies—there are more than you think
•How to transform or clear detrimental energies
•What pitfalls you need to avoid
•How to protect yourself
•If you are a dowser, how you can use dowsing to get even better results
•How you can keep your home and workplace clear
•Tips on becoming a professional space clearer

Hiring a professional to clear your space can be much more costly than hiring a cleaning service to clean your house, and space clearing is just as vital as basic housecleaning and is required on a regular basis, just as housecleaning is. You will save a ton of money doing your own space clearings, and you will enhance your health and well-being and that of your family and pets. You can also use space clearing to create better harmony and productivity for yourself at work, and if you own a business, you can use it to enhance your bottom line.

Get "The Busy Person’s Guide To Space Clearing" today and start using space clearing to improve your life.

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May 1
Sixth Sense Books
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