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After her father passes away, twenty-two-year-old Grace Marplesdon finds herself in a predicament. He has left her an inheritance in the form of a hunting lodge, but his will states that the lodge must serve as her dowry and she has no interest in finding a husband.

To resolve the situation, her good friend Captain Roderick Weaver suggests a marriage in name only. This arrangement will leave him free to spend as much time as he likes at sea while allowing Grace to follow her dream of turning the lodge into a home for orphans. Though he will not claim his marital rights, Roderick makes it clear that he will still expect Grace to be an obedient wife and he will not hesitate to correct her behavior when he feels it necessary.

Though Grace accepts his proposal, as the months pass Roderick finds his desire for his wife growing stronger every day, and when she speaks rudely to him after he returns home from a long voyage he decides it is time to take her in hand. He bares her bottom and spanks her soundly, leaving Grace with no doubt that their relationship will be different from now on.

Despite her reluctance to become attached to a man who must spend so much time at sea, Grace cannot help falling in love with her handsome, firm-handed husband, and soon enough their marriage of convenience has grown into a passionate romance. But when she meddles in his affairs in an attempt to help advance his career, will it put what they have built together at risk?

Publisher’s Note: The Captain’s Lady contains spankings of an adult woman, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

February 7
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