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Sun, fun, and Jo Pomeroy, the sexiest, most-driven attorney around, await NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend in Los Angeles. A trip to the West Coast is the perfect vacation – he won’t have to hide his relationship with Jo from the New York anti-counterfeiting task force, and he can finally enjoy some overdue time-off with the woman of his dreams.

Jo makes undercover deals for fake merchandise, but her feelings for Gabe are all too real. Unfortunately, she isn’t the one on vacation, and while she can’t wait to get her heartthrob alone, she also can’t say no when the mayor of Los Angeles asks for her help in ridding the city of illegal knockoffs.

Being too dedicated for her own good backfires when Jo ends up on a killer’s hit list. Gabe wants Jo to back down; she’s not about to. As the danger escalates, so do their feelings for each other. All Jo’s ever wanted is to expand her task force nationwide. Now, with her life on the line, Jo must decide if heading the taskforce is worth sacrificing it all, including a future with the man she loves.

February 17
ALG Publishing
ALG Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Sara&Jake ,

The Capture by Adrienne Giordano

Third book in the Justifiable Cause series. Romance and suspense 'til the very end.
Adrienne Giordano has written a good suspenseful and romantic story. Good conclusion to the series.

~I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.~

Mblteach ,

The Capture

The Capture
Adrienne Giordano

In the 3rd book in the Justifiable Cause series, Adrienne has continued with the romantic suspense with Jo and Gabe. This time Jo has gone to LA to help them set up a task force on smugglers who are sneaking in counterfeit items. Gabe comes out on vacation and it all breaks wide open when Jo might have witnessed the person who murdered two people. Once again Gabe and Jo have strong differing opinions about how to do things causing sparks to fly again.
A non-stop intriguing story that makes you want more.

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