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Publisher Description

The Career Explorer’s Journal is an eBook companion for the life and length of your career.

Unlike most other career guides, we're not here to tell you how it is. We know you’ll be the guru one day so our aim instead is to provide you with support, encouragement and all the time it takes to make this role your own.

Following a new year of updates, The Career Explorer's Journal is now even better equipped to encourage and support a unique journey of discovery for each and every reader. All you have to do is pay attention to details and record what you find, in order to change the way you see your career forever.

What readers of The Career Explorer's Journal have said:

"This book is my go-to source whenever I'm confronted with work related issues." Kyle
"The Career Explorer’s Journal really provokes you to think about how much you know about your career." Faiz
"A great companion to have on my journey." Richard
"The Career Explorer's Journal helped me to build on my strengths and develop a positive attitude towards my current and future career." Abigail
"My most striking discovery has been the values and talents my employers always saw in me" Ramon
"Each question answered felt like a new stamp in my passport." Gabi
"The author poses questions, gives examples, never lectures." Gavin
"Entertaining 'out-of-the-box' career thinking." Kuldip
"The intro is great, who would have guessed Charles Darwin and Dr. Seuss said much the same thing!" Rosa

Praise for The Career Explorer's Journal…

'The Career Explorer’s Journal is one of the most stimulating, inspiring and simple books to help anyone wishing to make progress in their work and life. I strongly recommend that you read this book and begin to ask yourself the questions it poses.'

'This is a very good career management and analysis book for anyone wanting to expand their career to its full potential. The Career Explorer’s Journal talks to you through all of its chapters. It doesn’t tell you to do this or that, it simply asks if you’ve considered all of its questions. Instead of trying to teach me a lesson, this book helped me learn.'

'As I answered the questions I discovered a consistency between my values, talents and goals and things people have said about me in the past. These findings are positive surprises that consolidate overall self-esteem, in my view something every one of us needs.'

'The Career Explorer’s Journal provides an accessible alternative to manuals that are 300+ pages long and seem daunting before ever cracking the cover. I know because I’ve read many of them and felt daunted more than once.'

Business & Personal Finance
April 28
Paul G. Diamond
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

kylerollins ,

My Personalized Guide for Exploring Career Development

I found out about this handbook after working directly with its author, Paul Diamond, extensively on career related issues. He regularly helps me with career and personal advice, and having this journal at the ready is great for having that support system whenever I need it!

This book is my goto source for when I'm confronted with a work related issue. The book is real because its full of real experiences. Its NOT one of those cheesy self-help books with a guy in a snazzy suit, white teeth and slick hair saying 'wanna be like me, buy this book' and Thank God! Paul keeps it real with his refreshing perspective which I know comes from thousands of hours interviewing unhappy execs during his time at KFI. He knows the importance of gaining a mindfulness of your own values, talents, and goals - and this book helps me stay focused on these three realms of my life and how best to keep them aligned. When I find myself in challenging situations, its usually because one or more of my values, talents and goals are out of whack and after a quick read through a chapter or two I'm reminded of my own journey and tend to find MY path quickly.

If you want a real book with real stories of real journeys which may or may not inspire you, but will definitely help you know that you are not alone, start reading his blog and pickup this book. More than anything The Career Explorers Journal reminds me its ok if I don't have it all figured out because there are others who are just like me and they are finding out their own way - not some idealistic and templated form of success. It helps me when I need it most and I hope it helps you too.

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