The Casual Vacancy

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When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils...Pagford is not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the town's council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations?

Blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising, The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowling's first novel for adults.

Fiction & Literature
September 27
Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

nhseeley ,

In the Land of Muggle's and Gossip

Rowling's first book since finishing her Harry Potter series will more than sell a decent amount of copies but it is my belief that most of her pervious readers will be by and large disappointed with her first foray into reality. Though her prose has remained as enchanting as its expected to, her subject matter, though dark and certainly adult themed, is reduced to near fluff by gossip and overly staged conclusion.
It is also hard to ignore Rowling's bias as it's being shoved down your throat page after page. Her scenes, the one that comes to mind most frequently being that of a dinner party, are over drawn and not entertaining. It is onvios that her creative talents have been squashed by the Muggle world and the restrictions it imposes on her imagination.
That being said, Rowling has an uncommon ability to tap into the minds and lives of her characters to such a degree that come as fully formed humans leaping off of the page. Her ability to find and dig at a characters weaknesses is superb and is the only thing that saves this novel from being mere fluff.
As all her books to come will be, this is a must read for those of us who have grown up with her novels by our bedsides and in our dreams though I can only hope that in the future, should the wizarding world be locked away for good, she finds more magic in reality than she has conjured here.

Matt8363891)3 ,


I find it fascinating how people can be so narrow minded and so quick to judge a book before even reading it. Also if you don't like the price, don't buy it, but please don't give it one star because the rating should be based on the quality of the book, not the cheapness of the customer.

Chrystalbeast96 ,

Guys, cool down!

I understand why you guys are attacking iBooks for the price, but rating 1star is not the way to go about it! Bad ratings should only be used for bad books, and you all know Rowling can't do that. If you're angry about the price, write iBooks. Don't attack a book by one of the best writers EVER when you haven't even read it!

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