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Forget everything you’ve ever been told about cellulite—it’s a myth! Ashley Black, fascia pioneer, and body guru to the stars, unveils never before known secrets to obliterating cellulite and changing your personal health paradigm. For years we’ve been conditioned to believe that cellulite is a fat problem, yet skinny girls have it, active girls have it, sedentary girls have it, curvy girls have it, older women have it and, guess what, so do younger women. In fact, 90% of women struggle with it . . . you are not alone!

The appearance of fat is affected by the sticky webbing of tissue it’s housed in called fascia—which can be manipulated. Get ready for the most radical shift in health and beauty of the century! Obliterate cellulite, transform your body, and revolutionize your life!

Health, Mind & Body
February 7
Post Hill Press
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Customer Reviews

idion ,

Never Skeptical

I've heard of fascia before this book and before learning of the FB. As soon as I read Ashley's blog I knew this was what I was looking for. Not diet, although important, not extreme exercise, and not creams or pills simply the fascia blaster. Looking forward to improving my health and the health of my friends and family, if they aren't skeptics.

FinanceField ,


My IQ just dropped.

lambitunes ,

Fascia Blasting has changed my life

Like so many others I started out just trying to deal with the cellulite on my legs. But now I can see that God used cellulite as the bait to hook us! There is so much healing from all the chronic conditions that were all dealing with, with no answers from the medical community. I encourage every woman AND every man to read this book, it will change your life! Thank you God and thank you Ashley!