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The Bachelor Battles
“After the apocalypse, there were no jails, no police. We had to do something with the criminals. Letting those killers fight it out for our entertainment achieved two goals at once. The apocalypse was depressing. Fresh blood brightened our day.” –The Network Council, 93AW.

Centuries later, the simple battles have evolved into a dystopian nightmare where the contestants are all female and the prizes are enslaved males who have been programed to be perfect, submissive mates. Families are strongly encouraged to sell any sons to the Network in exchange for food and fame. Those who resist are labeled rebels and tracked down by bounty hunters with no mercy.

Torn apart when Daniel was sold, Candice is now keeping her promise. Finally of legal age and ready to challenge the rulers who make them all exist in torment, this fiery female will put everything on the line to rescue her childhood sweetheart from the Games. If she wins, it might cause a revolution that leads to a future where the Network no longer exists. If she loses, she and her soulmate will both die. In this post-apocalyptic future, the competitions are fierce and even the winners leave damaged.

The Bachelor Battles Trilogy
You are about to go on a dystopian quest where women rule the world and humanity itself is going extinct. In the Bachelor Battles, everything has changed…

Need to Know Information
Title: The Change
Book One of the Bachelor Battles Trilogy
New Edition: 2017
Length: 420 pages
Author: ©Angela White
Publisher: C9 Publications
ISBN#: 978-1-945927-13-3
Next in series: Changeling Winds (Book 2) The Bachelor Battles
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 2
Cloud 9 Publications
Smashwords, Inc.

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