The Child Support Conspiracy

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In my book, you will find the origin and evolution of our H.R 17045. Laws of the health and human services (signed into law on January 4,1975), which governs child support law here in the United States and all international reciprocating countries. The book also explores the views of our 38th president Gerald Ford, who shares his view on the law excessively injecting the federal Government into domestic relations.

Topics include:
*Establishing paternity, DNA generic test (deoxyribonucleic acid test). The Mansfield rule, paternity acknowledgement and birth certificates. The program that works best, and grossed $24 billion in child support in 1996.

*Child support arrears and how it's new law helped to generate $1 million a year for most states.

*Private collection agencies benefit from child support Collections; $10 million in two years. Where did the money come from to pay these agencies, parents, children or both?

*What is chapter 3125.22 of the " investing in re-purchase agreements? In year 2009 $9 billion was withheld from families’ child -support Collections to invest in securities accounts. Making money off child support funds. What is this authorized by Congress? Who keeps the profit?

*The bankruptcy reform Act (A provision that allow parents to pay child support through bankruptcy courts. Does it provide a wedge between states and federal courts; and a wedge between parents who are working together to raise their children?

*Deadbeat parents, how many are there? How to find them. The answer will surprise you.

*The FBI take the lead, is the assigned primary agency involved in unpaid child support interstate cases. Examine the cost and benefits of this program. Who pays the cost of it?

*Child support laws and its impact on child poverty, in 1963 our 36th president Lyndon announced "war on poverty”, UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) reports in progress. Out of 35 of the world’s richest economical advanced countries, such as, Iceland, Finland, Greece and Romania, where do think United States rank?

*Foreign reciprocating countries; countries such as British Colombia the United Kingdom's of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Czech Republic and El Salvador Are some of the foreign reciprocating countries that United States assist in retrieving and collecting child support debt. What other countries do we work with? how does it work? And how much does it cost?

*Solutions on how to fix this great ailing, impactful social financial recovery child support system; keeping in mind what's in the best interest of children.

*Glossary of terminology; the meaning of government child-support acronyms.

*Resources, the government accountability office -the audit, evaluation, and investigative arm of congress. The UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre measuring child poverty, and much more.

*Closure for many families that find out the truth about the Child Support Conspiracy.

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James Street
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