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The Chill of the Night

Stories to be frightened by

Many things go ‘bump’ in the night. These stories are a gathering of some of the most chilling, thought-provoking and wondrous tales of fright. You’ll want to be cozy and secure when you dive into these depths, for more than just your nerve will be tested… for these are stories meant to drive your spirit to the edge of insanity, and bring you back in time for breakfast!

The secret to the chiller is the stark nature of the truth behind them. It is one thing to be afraid of what might happen. It is even scarier when you know what DID happen. These stories dance along the edge of this reality, beckoning you into a twilit world of mystery and horror.

Pulled from historical reality; drawn from human existence on the edge of personal destiny and established in the heart of a dark, scary place where possibility passes beyond reason. Each of these stories will draw you to the edge of your seat, and each page-flipping scene will suck you nearer to the edge of sanity.

Inside You Will Learn:

·         The Last Mission of the Lost Dutchman

·         How the Howls of the Wolf might Save you from Mortal Danger

·         How the Ghostly Brakeman Saved an Empire

·         The danger of avoiding the Nock-Knocks

·         What Happens When You Forget to Pay the Piper

·         And Much More

These stories will frighten and delight you. As an added bonus, there is a section on how to make your scary story reading even more intense! So be ready to get your ‘Scare’ on, even in broad daylight.

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March 17
Guava Books
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