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Heavenly Young doesn’t have time for romance. The innocent nursing student is struggling to care for her ailing father, keep a roof over their head, and start a new career. But fate decides to complicate her world even more by putting two very different men in her path and forcing her to make a choice that will change her life forever.

Dr. Ken Beckman—vascular surgeon by day, super-alpha by night—has three hard-and-fast rules: Never date where he works, never touch vanillas, and never get tangled up with a virgin. But the moment he meets Heavenly, he aches to toss his scruples aside and claim the untouched beauty. She’s not ready for someone like him…but he wants her too much to walk away—even though he’s not the only man caught in her spell.

Seth Cooper, ex-cop turned private eye, isn’t looking for a happily ever after, just a hot-and-sweaty good time. And the minute he claps eyes on Heavenly, he’s all for coaxing the angel into his bed. But soon, she’s so deep under his skin that he’s willing to put his broken past behind him and turn his life upside down for her. But he’s got competition…

When it came to helping friends, Beck and Seth were in sync. But now they’re vying for the same girl, and the games get vicious—until they realize Heavenly is keeping secrets from them both. Will they call a truce and work together again before they both lose her for good?

*You may also like the standalone complete series Doms of Her Life: Raine Falling where you can meet characters from The Choice. (These are two related but separate series)*

Book 1 - One Dom To Love

Book 2 - The Young the Submissive

Book 3 - The Bold and the Dominant

Book 4 - The Edge of Dominance

March 27
Dream Words, LLC
Dream Words, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sweet- Paradise ,

The Choice

Wow, I’m speechless. This book is amazing, it’s full of twists and turns, emotional and will have you turning the pages faster then you want to. I love how Heavenly’s story started out, then worked it’s way full circle to the present. I must admit she has been through hell with her dad but through it all she is so innocent and the way she brings Beck and Seth to their knees is amazing. Both Beck and Seth are no Angel but they see her soul and it’s addictive that without knowing they have fallen for her hard. I must admit I’m glad they decided to work together for Heavenly sake. Just as everything is going good Becks past comes to light in the worst way. The only question is are they strong enough to work through the dark to get to the light of the tunnel.

Preskev ,

Slow burn to a blazing inferno!

I love it when these three authors get together and create a story. The way these books are written, each of their personalities comes out in the character they author. But the editing is so well done the story is seamless, not broken like a lot of collaborative efforts.

“I want to experience life.” She sighed and shook her head. “I mean really experience it.”

The Choice is tasked with a lot of background story. But without that, I think we as readers would feel incomplete and lost. I confess, Beck is my absolute favorite of the trio. His behavior is so uncharacteristic, but necessary and hysterical. Seth for once is the mor aggressive of the men, he’s a knight in shining armor. Heavenly, my heart bleeds for her. She is starting out as a palette of black and white and very few shades of grey. We spend time waiting for the hammer to drop (no pun intended, really). I look forward to watching her come into her own, she will be a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait for the next installment of this series! Is it 2019 yet?

tree7404 ,

There is no choice but to read this series

This is the beginning of a new series but it also starts where Doms of her life series ends. Heavenly Young is a nursing student that helps Raine during her ordeal and Dr Kenneth “beck”Beckman and Seth Cooper are the two Doms that are helping Raine at that time that also fall for Heavenly. The back story for all three of these characters are so wonderfully written and you are just wanting to keep reading and not putting the book down. These three authors know how to write a story so you are intrigued. There is a cliff hanger and know we have to wait for the next installment but with these books it will definitely be worth the wait.

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