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Welcome to the culture of Christ: an environment filled with rich appreciation for the ways of God! The Christ Culture describes the ways of God experienced among us as a transforming presence. This book brings clarity to the most important concepts of Christianity and shines light on some of the most unappreciated aspects of our faith walk. It affirms God as our heavenly Father, who wants to dwell in our midst today, rather than as a someday Judge or eventual King.

"The Christ Culture is a great reflection of the Lord's desire for us. Keith Carroll has found a way to lovingly, yet powerfully, provoke us to come into the true nature of 'Christ in us.'" -Sandra Querin, JD, MBA, Thd., Pastor, The Revival Center, Clovis, CA

"Shows the way to be Jesus on display in the 21st century without letting the culture around us squeeze us into its mold." -Jackie Kendall, best-selling author and national speaker

"I have reviewed countless manuscripts over the past 30 years, but few have had this clarity." -Don Nori Sr., founder, Destiny Image Publishers

"There are a lot of 'oohs' and 'ahs' as the light turns on." -D. Erdmann

"I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for purpose and meaning in life. The Christ Culture is a roadmap that takes you on a remarkable journey that will leave you completely and utterly transformed." -Mary E. Banks, MSM, SPHR, author of Living by Faith 9 to 5

The Christ Culture is a fresh way of looking at God's desire for our life on earth. We describe and define an atmosphere where God's inspiring presence is experienced and Christ-like attitudes and behaviors are encouraged.

Religion & Spirituality
March 21
Relate to God Ministries
Ingram DV LLC

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