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Powerful inspirational American Historical fiction novel:
historical fiction or Alternative history?:
Aside from both being authors, what do the lives of Henry W. Longfellow and Mark Twain have in common? The answer is that both of their lives contained terrible tragedies from which they eventually found real hope and spiritual meaning--at least in this novel. This novel is about one [my-?] little sermon and one, even littler poem, and how, fictionally, they may have influenced and given hope to, not only the author of the poem, who happened to be non-other than Henry W. Longfellow, but also his son, Charles and another famous author, whose name was Sam Clemens, but who is better known as Mark Twain.
In the forward, the Author, James M. Becher, says this: “I have used the framework of the lives of the Longfellow and Clement families, and have added my own hopes and thoughts as to many other details, including what their true spiritual conditions might have been. Thus, although the historical framework is correct as far as was possible (with the possible exception of a slight contrivance of the date when Mark Twain first headed west, contrived to fit an early meeting of Twain and Charles Longfellow), the innermost thoughts of the these historical personages as well as certain meetings and conversations carried on by them, including those related to Spiritual matters, are of my own contriving and any resemblance to actuality in these matters is purely coincidental. I can't say whether I will see any of the Longfellows or Clements in heaven. I can only hope so, and I give you that same hope through this novel.”

Though suffering tragic losses, these all eventually find hope and spiritual fulfillment==at least in this novel. Download your copy now to see how.(Click "Buy" at the right)

Reading this book will give you a feel for the sorrow of the tragedies of the Longfellow and Clemens families, but also the Spiritual hope that they may have eventually found.

Fiction & Literature
October 21
James M. Becher
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