The Chronicles of a Discerner The Chronicles of a Discerner

The Chronicles of a Discerner

How to grow spiritual muscles in discerning (Discernment)

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So I am a discerner, now what? Maybe that was your question as you picked up this book. Perhaps you are more mature in discernment and surprised that someone has written about it, but you are reading it out of curiosity. Either way, the Holy Spirit is going to meet you where you are! Holy Spirit has something amazing in store for you to help you navigate this gift. I feel His heart on it.  Many discerners have had the gift since birth but have been unsure of what they carry. They have been misunderstood, isolated, and rejected so before we unwrap what the Holy Spirit desires to say to you about this gift, set aside your questions and speak aloud this prayer.

Here is some insight into this book

•What Is Discerning of Spirits
•Help, What Do I Feel
•Discerning the Angels
•Discerning the Holy Spirit
•Discerning Human Spirits/Motives
•Discerning Demons

Editorial Reviews

I heartily recommend April Stutzman’s book, The Chronicles of a Discerner, as a helpful guide through the confusing maze of modern demonic agendas that besiege today’s professing Christians at every turn. It would be difficult to imagine a better moment in history for a book on the subject of discerning of spirits.

Joan Hunter Author - Healing Evangelist - Host Miracles Happen TV show

The Chronicles of A Discerner is a great book that introduces, breaks down, and gives articulation to this gift. This a great tool for any level, but especially those stepping into the gifting of discerning of spirits. Those growing in this gift will gain greater confidence and gain a greater assurance. 

Madeline James, founder of Madeline James Ministries, and author 

If you are one seeking to be mentored in the things of the Spirit the good news is you hold in your hand. If you’ve have ever picked up thoughts that were not your own, received unexplainable feelings on a certain parts of your body or sensed or seen angels then it's likely you were operating in the discerning of spirits. The sad truth is many misunderstand these glimpses into the world of spirits around them and consequently fail to reach the fullness of their spiritual potential. This is a timely and an easy-to-read journey. 

Adrian Beale and Adam F Thompson Authors of The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions

I highly recommend April’s new book. April is a extraordinary discerner and uses extravagant wisdom in discerning. The tips April shares in this book are a blessing to all who read it. Teaching any level discerner to stretch and grow. Pulling you to a higher level of discerning of spirits in the days we are living in.

Joanna Beck Ministries

This book will help you understand pitfalls and principles as the gift of discernment is developed through usage. This book will enlighten and validate your walk in the Spirit as the gift of discernment increases in the glory. 

Apostle Clinton C. Baker

April walks you through her own personal journey of this unique gift and shares how she grew "spiritual muscles" to carry the weight of what the Lord has shown her over the years of cultivating with the Holy Spirit.

Teryn Yancey

About the Author

April Stutzman is co-founder with her husband Richard Stutzman of Kingdom Flame Ministries. She is a powerful deliverance minister and prophetic voice. April shares the heart of the Father to see people walk into wholeness and activated in their destiny. Currently, April and Richard are equipping the body of Christ through webinars and meetings. They love to activate people in healing, prophetic, and deliverance ministry.

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October 8
April Stutzman
April Stutzman

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