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Book I: Toddlerhood
Kebsuda: The building of the Temple and bridge, and rejuvenation of the Cobolds. The Cobolds detainment, deliverance and new mission
Earth: Amira's Birth, Milo's toddlerhood, the new neighbors moving in, Pre-School and Kindergarten.
Jinn Realm: Meet Maelendil, his Magnus Oliver and Max, along with the Seers Yuriyama, Azeyas, Husisha, Pandora, and Annogrammatrons Vesta, Andreas, Beverly, Maugris, Mairead, Johannes and Bartemius

Book II: The Early Elementary Years
Kebsuda: The clash with a charlatan, building of the shelter, Flood of Londinium and Strife between the Cobolds and Londinians.
Earth: Milo begins first Grade and Amira Kindergarten. Milo makes his first communion and sees Amira at a party. Third grade is a tough year
Jinn Realm: Meet the Demuzidean Sarcedix Polyphanes. Meet the new Magnus Theodore and Alphie, and Father Time.

Book III: The Later Elementary Years
Kebsuda: The rebuilding of Londinium, the Elfess visit, Battle against the trolls, invasion of traitors, Plague and Earthquake.
Earth: Milo begins Fourth Grade and Amira third grade. Milo gets his first crush at a child care center and makes new friends. Milo has a rough summer at a new summer camp, and begins his final year of Elementary school. Milo starts Middle school and notices Girls.
Jinn Realm: Meet Purpalbus, Gregory, Deiden, Merriwhether and Billius.

Book IV: The Early Teen Years
Kebsuda: The discovery of the long lost bridge and mountain pathways leading to the Atlantis Region. Fall of the bridge and offer of a mission to Atlantis. A difficult mission in Atlantica.
Earth: Milo first develops a crush on Amira. Milo also develops a crush on another girl Minu. The neighbors move and Milo and Minu attend the same highschool.
Jinn realm: Meet Randolph, Victoria and some dark Jinn. Also meet Durnil, Daxividus and the new Magnus Cashmir and Alexander.

Book V: The first years
Kebsuda: Discovery of Lionalem, a curse in Atlantica and new discoveries. A batle against sorcerers in Londinium and a quest to find a dangerous book.
Earth: Amira starts highschool. Milo wants to date Amira. The summer is pretty dry and the two are in different buildings.
Jinn Realm: Meet the Satyashasas.

Book VI: The Second years
Kebsuda: A Voyage to Parthania, a charlatan unmasked, meeting of wastelanders, visit to the temple and beginnings of rebuilding the bridge.
Earth: Milo becomes Amira's secret admirer. Milo makes many attempts to contact Amira over the summer. Milo finally talks to Amira in his senior year. Some enemies get between Milo and Amira.
Jinn realm: Meet the Alux, offsprings and Maludico's.

Book VII: The Rakshasajinns Reign-The Fall
Kebsuda: Some Cobolds are kidnapped and taken to this land Shemitaria. The remaining cobolds work in a slumtown and meet some travellers.
Earth: Milo starts his education at Mal-Tech. Amira finishes her senior year and begins at Toledo state. Milo gets into a cult.
Jinn Realm: Meet Dugmateous, the Hypocordos, Archons and Guardians.

Book VIII: The Rakshasajinns Reign-The Battle
Kebsuda: The Cobolds escape Shemitaria, and visit a Hamitaria colony, a land igleftios and goblin territory. The Cobolds in Londinium have some political disputes, and take refuge in an oasis.
Earth: Milo starts at Sussewago university, and gets a job with a Nursing home, college cafeteria and design firm. Amira attends graduate school at Whelon college.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 3
Iohannes Spartustica, Sr
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