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How would you describe chutzpah? Does it include persuasion? Leadership? Perseverance? Risk? Reward? Intestinal fortitude?

There is a skillset, a set of behaviors and characteristics fundamental to business, team, and personal success.

This skillset is called "chutzpah," and it will give you a decided advantage when used for constructive purposes.

Simply put, that is the purpose of this book, The Chutzpah Advantage.

Could chutzpah be your undeveloped hidden talent, your below-the-surface superpower? It is for many people from all walks of life! Cab drivers who deliver passengers to hospitals during COVID. Successful people whose lives changed when they stopped listening to others - even paid experts - and chose a different path. Medical researchers who defy established doctrine and scientifically demonstrate new treatment protocols, only to continue fighting an uphill battle. Authors and artists who turn every "no" into a steadfast resolve to continue knocking on different doors. And, of course, people and companies whose bold vision, ideas, and implementation lead to stratospheric success.

In The Chutzpah Advantage, Mason Harris guides you through eight key chutzpah characteristics and shows you how to apply them to live a bigger, bolder, and better life. Blending specific behaviors with existing personality traits, chutzpah is a path for superior results at home, work, teams, and companies. Filled with real-life examples, humorous anecdotes, and practical applications, this book will entertain and inspire.

And a promise from one contributor: "This book will pay for itself, if you sell it to one of your friends."

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April 14
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Customer Reviews

Anne Janzer ,

A fun read that may inspire you to seize the day

In The CHUTZPAH advantage, Mason Harris spells out (literally) what chutzpah means to him. And the definition surprised me. Chutzpah doesn’t have to be loud and self-serving. It can be courageous and purpose-filled. This book changed the way I thought about it.

In this book filled with stories and humor, Harris just might convince you to approach your life with a dose of chutzpah.

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