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USA Today Bestseller Rhett C. Bruno's debut sci-fi series is a gritty, space-opera epic perfect for fans of The Expanse!

Earth is a dying planet. To survive, humanity founds the Circuit, a string of colonies across the solar system, dedicated to mining resources vital to preserving what remains of mankind. Here there are no heroes or villains, only those willing to do what's necessary to survive.

The New Earth Tribunal, a powerful religious faction, has risen to rule the Circuit. They believe a Spirit within the Earth will one day appear and welcome humanity back home. Following a string of seemingly random attacks, the Tribunal suspects its mortal enemy, the Ceresians, have again rallied to challenge their absolute rule. But a new, sinister threat has arisen--and it plans to bring down the Tribunal once and for all.

Join an unlikely band of would-be saviors--the Tribunal's best spy, a roguish Ceresian mercenary, a subservient android and a disgraced general--as they are drawn into a conspiracy destined to change the Circuit forever.

"Bruno has crafted a complex, multi-dimensional story that combines the best of his genre with age-old truths--and quandaries--about humanity, politics, religion, family, and, yes, love." --Portland Book Review

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 31
Diversion Books
Diversion Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

Ecuasage ,

Debut Author's Gift to Space Opera

Rhett delivers a fast-paced, dystopian, gray-morality thriller in the Circuit Trilogy. Having read science fiction for over 30 years, it is refreshing to find new authors with the talent to create characters that you'll remember after putting their books down. Rhett delivers here: from a broken-hearted megalomaniacal savior, to a brain-hijacked, religious assassin to a pirate father who is desperate to save his innocent daughter, you'll find gems of humanity in this story about so much inhumanity.

christinaraven ,

Fun space opera series

A fun series to read. I found them well written with a mix of sci-fi space opera and a bit of mystery. Had a few random twists and had to keep reading to find out who the good guys and bad guys were. I liked the slow build up to he eat I just knew had to be coming based on the first few chapters. I also liked and hated the main characters I knew were going to be important.

susu707 ,

Interesting Trilogy

Overall this set is 3.5 stars. This box set includes all three books in The Circuit series (Executor Rising, Progeny of Vale, and Earthfall). These books are not standalones. This set makes it easy to read them all in order without trying to find the next book. There is violence.

The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that all of that info here. There are clues in the storyline that keep you guessing what will be revealed next. It definitely kept me reading. Overall it is an interesting storyline and worth taking the time to read.

I received a copy of this set from the author and chose to leave a review for other readers.

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