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This final volume of Shelby Foote’s masterful narrative history of the Civil War brings to life the military endgame, the surrender at Appomattox, and the tragic dénouement of the war—the assassination of President Lincoln.
Features maps throughout.
"An unparalleled achievement, an American Iliad, a unique work uniting the scholarship of the historian and the high readability of the first-class novelist." —Walker Percy
“To read this chronicle is an awesome and moving experience. History and literature are rarely so thoroughly combined as here; one finishes this volume convinced that no one need undertake this particular enterprise again.” —Newsweek
“In objectivity, in range, in mastery of detail, in beauty of language and feeling for the people involved, this work surpasses anything else on the subject. . . . Written in the tradition of the great historian-artists—Gibbon, Prescott, Napier, Freeman—it stands alongside the work of the best of them.” —The New Republic
“The most written-about war in history has, with this completion of Shelby Foote’s trilogy, been given the epic treatment it deserves.” —Providence Journal

November 12
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
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Customer Reviews

OsuVol18 ,


When I finished reading Vol 3....I was left speechless with tears in my eyes. I’ll read it again someday.

Itsnotaboutthebike ,

Absolutely Stunning!

Shelby Foote slowly exposes the nature of man's Noble struggle through the Civil War like rain water slowly washing dirt and grime from a precious stone. Pacing you through every battle in almost chronological order, you see how the pieces fit together in the epic and not so epic battles. Growing up just 45 minutes from Vicksburg, trips to see the battle lines were routine. But Foote made them come alive with his attention to both historical detail and historic fact. Well done. My only regret is there is no audio version of this trilogy in Foote's own voice. His nuance for dialogue rivals Eudora Welty and Truman Capote.

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