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This collection includes the following works:

A Life of Character


In His Steps

Practical Lessons from the Story of Joseph

Practical Religion

Silent Times

Strength and Beauty

The Beauty of Self-Control

The Garden of the Heart

The Hidden Life

The Ministry of Comfort

The Upper Currents

The Wider Life

Things that Endure!

Weekday Religion

James Russell Miller was a pastor at several Presbyterian churches in the United States and was a popular Christian writer.

This edition of Miller’s The Classic Works includes an active table of contents.

Religion & Spirituality
April 11
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Customer Reviews

Kate Lynn 27 ,


I bought this collection of Rev. J R Miller's writings and was frustrated to find out that though it has several of his books, there is no way to go easily from one book to the other. The introduction lists the different books that are in this collection, but they are not separated by book so that you can choose the book you want to read or go from one to the other easily. There is just a list of chapter titles one after the other with no way to tell which book is which. It would be nice if the table of contents had a list of the books individually so that you could tap on the book that you wish to read and not have to scroll the whole list to try to find what you want to read. I also found that this book freezes and locks up and crashes often. I have to exit out and re-enter and often times it is still frozen. I love Rev. Miller's works but this book is too much work. I can only hope that an update or bug fix will be coming soon. Not sure if the freezing is due to the iOS 7 update or not. Just hoping that fixes are on their way.

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