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#1 International Bestseller"A thriller of marvelous intricacy" (The New York Times Book Review), The Club Dumas is a provocative literary thriller that playfully pays tribute to classic tales of mystery and adventure.Lucas Corso is a book detective, a middle-aged mercenary hired to hunt down rare editions for wealthy and unscrupulous clients. When a well-known bibliophile is found dead, leaving behind part of the original manuscript of Alexandre Dumas's The Three Musketeers, Corso is brought in to authenticate the fragment. He is soon drawn into a swirling plot involving devil worship, occult practices, and swashbuckling derring-do among a cast of characters bearing a suspicious resemblance to those of Dumas's masterpiece. Aided by a mysterious beauty named for a Conan Doyle heroine, Corso travels from Madrid to Toledo to Paris on the killer's trail in this twisty intellectual romp through the book world."Erudite, funny, loopy, brilliant...action-adventure spied with dollops of idiosyncrasy ??—?? and some very good talk."??—??The Philadelphia Inquirer

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 1
HMH Books
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

Customer Reviews

A. C. Z. ,

If you watched the film first...

First, let me clarify that the grammatical errors are very few and far between and easy to ignore. If you love the story, you won’t bat an eye at them.

I’ve been hearing unconditionally favorable reviews of the novel from those who are familiar with the film, but I think it’s just about as good in different ways. The novel is better overall. It’s much more immersive, and it fleshes out all of the characters wonderfully, even the girl. As someone who watched the film first, the novel quenched my thirst for literary context and insight, it added to my reading list, and it gave me a great sense of closure.

On the other hand, the film adaptation deftly fixed a major plot contrivance that I’d argue nearly killed the novel for me and kind of made me feel like I wasted a lot of my time, so be prepared for one letdown in an otherwise fascinating mystery.



I have to say I loved this book I was saddened that the movie adaptation was not as good or even close!!! A few typos but over all a great read!

Mugsy1611 ,

Hard to put down

So trite, but so true, in this case. This book is an amazing read. I am sorry its over, yet the book has stayed with me. I feel as if I just returned from Portugal, Spain, and France. Ill be reading another of this author's books next - he knows how to keep a reader captivated!

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