The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook

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Publisher Description

This book will help you the professional or aspiring coaching practitioner by igniting:   

Your commitment to your client's results

Your desire to bridge the knowledge gap in the coaching discipline 

Your drive to grow your business or career

Your expertise area acknowledgement 

Your intentions for transformational social impact 

The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook shows you the inside workings of a research project through the eyes of the coaches who experience it. The authors draw on proven ideas from psychology, technology, and others to create an easy-to-understand path to make good coaching inevitable and bad coaching impossible.

This book helps you create a framework to improve your coaching practice. You learn that you need not be a doctorate student or academic researcher to be part of transformational studies. If you're having trouble finding a coaching style, business niche, or growing your career, it is time to ground yourself in knowledge to discover new more profitable ways to coach. Ineffective and unprofitable coaches sometimes wing it, thinking their natural talent is enough. Others are too inflexible and believe they have to follow well-known coaching formulas to replicate success.

You will fail until you develop your own process.If you do not do your own research, you stay at the level of the knowledge you use. Doing your own research will help you develop your own style. This book will help you create a proven system that can make your practice successful. Learn the rules, then break them.

Learn how to:

ground your coaching practice in science

develop your coaching style

take your clients where no client has gone before

. . . and much more

The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook will change the way you think about coaching. It will give you tools and strategies to transform your practices. Whether you develop or manage people or have your own business, you will learn the secrets to building on and expanding existing knowledge. You will keep your coaching methods fresh and relevant to the needs of the people you help and your business more profitable.

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May 15
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