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Behold what manner of race the fathers of the Golden Age left behind them! Far meaner than themselves! But you will breed a viler progeny! Verily wars and cruel bloodshed shall be unto men and grievous woe shall be laid upon them- Aratus, Phaenomena 123

Aratus was Greek poet that in his poem Appearances have presented the predictions delivered by Astraea, daughter of Zeus and Themis, devoted to human justice on Earth. Themis was known as goddess of divine law. The law of absolute principles of logic of endurance of humanity always would connect to rules of correctness. Accordingly, she would be real predecessor to the institution of Supreme Court. Yet, it seems exactly there we have to confront the other side, into claiming and declaring what Supreme is and can possibly be on Earth.

What I found almost necessary is to point out that if anyone is to claim any legacy on anything it has to be clear what kind of legacy can be only acceptable to be claimed first of all. I am to insist on the conception of licencing of the civilizational stamp of Earth as declared with in main civilizational declarations of present times of protectionism of civil rights, while we still recognize the meaning of having a soul so no anyone can claim it and interpret it as one wants, especially in the future. I have on mind some kind of sealing of the cultural identities of the nations in terms of qualitative differences that each nation is making, promoting further straightening of civilizational values as a consequence. Origin with in such perspective does and will matter. Yet, I am trying to establish humanity with in its abstract dimension, through the set of clear rules of civilizational conduct, justice and exactness that than only we can call civilisation, as it will be something on what our future generations can rely.

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