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Fantazine #4 was the first part of the Aquari trilogy, and is based on the book Aquari by DD White. The book Aquari ends with Aquari, the cosmic being who resembles a 2-dimensional circle of light, on his way to the planet Earth. Earth however, is overseen by galactic god-like beings who have secrets to keep from Aquari about the true nature of the humans on the planet. Aquari ends up on Earth by inhabiting the dead body of a deceased heroine addict, and then he is set out upon the world by mysterious adepts of the occult that believe they are resurrecting an avatar of the Nephelim. Aquari is not alone in his mission however, since the ghost of the dead body returns to haunt the alien mocking him with his own animated corpse. Soon a highly advanced surveillance network that is tied into an artificially intelligent computer notices Aquari who is in a body that should be dead. Next thing you know Aquari is mixed up with rebel scientists who want to shut down that computer, which Aquari is against since it is the first example of intelligent life that he has finally been able to find on the planet. Aquari programs the computer to help humanity since the Earth is destroyed at the end of this first part of the trilogy by an enormous asteroid collision, and the world will never be the same again.
Fantazine #4 is the first part of the Aquari Trilogy in Fantazine’s #4, #7, and #9. Aquari is a cosmic being who travels the universe to diagnose planet conditions for mysterious forces in the center of the galaxy. After the comet Shoemaker Levy9 collided with Jupiter, influences within the galaxy took notice of Earth only to discover the existence of a technology capable of reproducing the Shoemaker Levy9 effect on Earth itself. Aquari is here to find out if the human condition on this planet is able to handle it, or if they represent a planetary cancer capable of destroying a valuable life-giving world.

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March 18
DD White
Smashwords, Inc.

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