The Complete Binscombe Tales

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Binscombe is a place where things go bump in the night and often in the daytime too. Here you will find stories to pique the imagination, quicken the pulse, and chill the blood. It is a place where waiting for a bus may take a lot longer than you think, where the rustle in the bushes is likely to be something considerably more secretive and more dangerous than a wild animal, where inanimate objects may have strong views of their own, and where past, present and future frequently collide with disturbing results.

To this introspective corner of Britain's Home Counties comes Mr Oakley, a newcomer in town but one whose family name appears on some of the oldest gravestones. Mr Oakley believes in the comfort, convenience and security of the modern world and he fancies that the past is safely dead and buried. It is a world view that is to be challenged by the mysterious Mr Disvan, who acts as his (and our) guide to the winding byways of the bizarre that thread through Binscombe life.

Now that Mr Oakley has returned to his ancestral homeland, he will soon discover that reality is a relative concept — and the world outside Binscombe will never seem quite the same again.

About the author:

John Whitbourn has had eight novels published in the USA, Britain and Russia since winning the BBC & Victor Gollancz First Fantasy Novel prize with A Dangerous Energy in 1991. He is married with a son and two daughters, and lives in the real-life village of Binscombe, where his family can be traced back at least four hundred years.

"Very fine traditional ghost stories with an unexpectedly modern slant. Genius." -Phil Rickman

"Whitbourn's wit is both unforced and splendidly droll." -The Daily Express

"The vicarious chill of a good fright... Heartily recommended." - Interzone

"Original and intriguing." - Starburst

"Pulled off with panache and no small amount of humour." - The Daily Express

"He doesn't cheat, and he doesn't soften the edges." - Mary Gentle

"Marvellously inventive." - The Times

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