The Complete Book of Enoch: Standard English Version

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This eBook includes the complete book of Enoch which has been translated from the Ethiopic. The Book of Noah, Testament of Solomon, Book of Giants, and a few other extras are also included in this third ePUB edition. The introduction by David Chariot is perhaps the best short form explanation of the book for those who are familiar with the book and those who are just discovering it. Enoch has been logically organized into chapter/verse settings and canonized in this English version which will resemble the King James Version of the Scriptures. Additionally, an XML file has been included with archaeological evidence of fossilized giant humans found throughout the world. All known fragments of the Book of Giants has been included in this edition along with a listing of external references to Enoch in other manuscripts such as the Book of Jubilees and other Scriptures. This is a standardized reference material regarding the body of knowledge presented in the Book of Enoch.

Religion & Spirituality
August 22
Jay Winter
Draft2Digital, LLC

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This is an absolute must read for any biblical enthusiast.

The Book is translated in an easy to understand KJ style of English. To think that what you are reading predates other books from the Bible is pretty mind blowing . Reading the prophesies can get rather confusing and quite psychedelic. However, wether you consider it apocrypha or mythology, you can’t say it isn’t interesting.

NostalgiaLadie ,

Book Review - Enoch

Although 'Enoch 1' is the primary written work in this compilation, and these writings are ancient writings written by various ancient authors, with commentary by a modern author, I am critiquing the entire book, considering its ebook format.

The eBook format, images/charts, grammar, written content, and book intents were quite well designed and compiled. The written content is the most attractive element of this book. I liked the way Winter commented on ancient 📚 without overwhelming with information overload, for the books speak for themselves. More explanations should have been made about the images/charts though.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. From what I have read and learned about the "Book of Enoch" (book 1), it should not have been removed from being read. This version of Enoch 1 reads very much like the King James Version, and would fit with the other books quite well, although with a mystical kind of tone. I think that no one should fear reading it.

Much 🙏 Wisdom of the Lord should be used for those deciding to read "Testament of Solomon". Only the mature in the Lord and strong in the Faith, should choose to read it. There seems to be many contradictions to the modern canon, so I wouldn't accept that book as inspired by the Lord. It is possibly an ancient book, that reveals how ancient people thought at that time, with maybe a portion of truth mixed with false ideas (possibly dangerous for babes in the Lord).

(Each of the 5 categories gets 1 star if I think that the book achieves 70%+ in that category. Then the stars are added up for the final rating.)

"The Complete Book of Enoch" by Dr. Jay Winter:

1) eBook format: ⭐️

2) images/charts:

3) grammar: ⭐️

4) written content: ⭐️

5) book intentions: ⭐️

Zoombieezz ,

Lovely Book!

What a Read! Breathtaking Revelation

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