The Complete Book of Revelation

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God is an eternal Spirit which no man can see or has seen. He is a Consuming Fire in His brightness and glory. He is the Light and Life of all living, and the Alpha and the Omega of all creation.
He made man of the dust of the earth with the ability to behold the things of the earth and the heaven of the world only. The fleshly man has only the capacity to see and understand the natural side of life, therefore the Bible has been written in both the natural and Spiritual terms, in a symbolic language of types, shadows, and parables, and many Illustrations throughout the Written Word and they were all given for our admonition.
For one to understand the Spiritual side of eternity and God, it is necessary to follow the method which God has provided for us in the Bible. It was never intended that the natural should be spiritualized away, nor was it intended that the Spiritual should be naturalized away. Both the natural and Spiritual are used in the Bible to convey to the world vital information of the Spiritual things which cannot be seen and understood in the natural.
Prophecy has foreshown, in both the natural and Spiritual manifestation, that which will come to pass in the Last Days. Parables are not used as a type or shadow and should not be termed as facts or a true setting in the plan of God, but rather they are used as an illustration only in conveying a thought, and not as an example or act of prophecy. God can be known of, by the reading of His Word, but He can only be known in reality by the incoming of His Spirit.
This interpretation is presented as it is recorded in the King James Bible only. This is done so that the possibility of errors in the translations of revised versions may be avoided.
Because of one's haste and anxiety to understand the scripture, there has been a human tendency to move wording from one text to another. This, of course, can be done in any written book, which would change the intended purpose and meaning in the theme of thought. Also using isolated scriptures that is spoken in plain terms can be misleading unless it coincides with all other prophecy and biblical truths.
This interpretation is the substance of Pastor Orin Ε. Bogart's nearly 60 years of study and meditation, as he waited upon the Lord for Spiritual guidance, with a hunger untold, for biblical knowledge and Understanding.
Pastor Bogart was called to the ministry through an audible voice which was spoken from heaven. He has been blessed with many Spiritual experiences, visions, dreams, revelations, and often visitations of God by His Spirit.
He was born in the year 1900 on the 7th day of May and has ministered independently, never having been associated with any one denomination. He has had no seminary teachings. He brings the revelation of this Book in simple language, through Bible terminology, as it is written and recorded in the King James Version of the Bible.

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May 19
Orin E. Bogart
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