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The Spell

Get on the wrong side of a powerful magic user and face the consequences.

A spell sends him 100 years in the future. With no way back.

Adapt or die. A barbarian prince in the empire of his brother's descendants.

Living in the future - heaven or hell? With an embarrassingly adoring guide life can't be easy.

The Left-handed Warrior

The struggle between Humans and Genn gets vicious.

Orphaned by Human bandits, adopted by Genn, seeking revenge and becoming a warrior under a not-so-accomodating Emperor. Especially if you refuse to serve him to side with the Genn.

Records of the Varian Empire

Forbidden love. Destroyed cities. Rebellious half-bloods.

The fall of the Genn and the Varian Empire without them. A collection of short stories that read like a novel.

"A new Emperor" – Vario XI follows in his father's footsteps. "Sunray and Leonora" – a forbidden love between Genn and Human. "The Valley" – the fall of Jinxie, the last Genn town. "Half-bloods" – Noway ap Moonstar and Oliver Blackmore. "Sorcerer", or how Noway became Novae. "The fall of Agharek", or how Jordan de Sayek went from governor's son to slave. "The Bastard" – Oliver leaves Havenstock. "Sila" , or how Winged Basti saved Prince Vario's life. "The Enlightened Emperor" – Vario XII meets Oliver and Kurdig. "Monastery stories" – orphan Lost and the monastery library. "The Amazons Country" – Oliver shipwrecks on the Queendom of Maadre's coast. "William of Mayfair" – the spoiled young man who managed to avoid marriage. "Sameer's death" – Jordan's brother's failed attempt.

The Enlightened Emperor

Half-blood means "different". Good or evil depends on the point of view.

The Genn were banished from the Varian Empire almost sixty years ago, their last town destroyed twenty-five years ago. Half-bloods have a hard time fitting in, especially if they have no idea of what they have lost.

So they find the most unlikely of friends - a warrior woman, a scholar, a Sila, a wannabe wizard and maybe even the Emperor himself.

The Warrior Woman

When a retired warrior woman loses her man, she can only go back to the warpath, oblivious of her motherly duties. A Silvery Earth novella.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 3
Unicorn Productions
Draft2Digital, LLC

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