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Digital photography is confusing. Really, you’re not alone in thinking that it’s not easy to understand all the terms and topics. 

After teaching and writing about photography for decades, author David Schloss started to notice that everyone seems to have the same questions—”What camera should I buy? What’s a good flash? How can I take better photos of my kids? How do I get my photos on Facebook?”

Forget what the camera companies say, everyone has the same questions because digital photography requires you to know all sorts of things before you even start to make good photos. Sure you can “point and shoot” but do you know that you could be getting more out of your images. And you want to be getting better photos. 

This first volume in a three-volume set will walk you through all of the important things you need to know to select, buy and use cameras, lenses, flashes, accessories, computer hardware, computer software and more. Volume 2 will cover the fundamentals of photography and provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions and Volume 3 will show you how to work with your images once you’ve captured them.

This book was conceived, written and designed as an eBook. What’s the difference? Most print books are designed to have sidebars, photos and design elements all over the page. In print they’re attractive additions but when you convert a book to an eBook you’ve got to figure out how to handle all of those different graphical elements. eBooks (at least in their current incarnation) work best when photos and tips come inline with the text and when the design is clean and simple, so that’s what we’ve done here.
So instead of taking a print book and squeezing it into the eBook format (which sometimes ends up with a book that’s hard to read and a bit confusing) we wrote a book for eBook readers. 

Each section explains everything you need to know in clear terms without jargon. When you’re done with this book you’ll know what gear is right for you and you’ll be ready to use it.

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July 6
Mac Create, Inc.
Mac Create, Inc.

Customer Reviews

rtesta65 ,

Good basics

The book covers basic photographic information but is not a how to book. You'll be disappointed if that is what you were looking for. I would have given four stars but the book was obviously not proofed before publishing as there are a quite a few glaring grammatical errors. The last chapter of the book is nothing but an advertisement for Apple products.

GatorDuc ,

The complete ebook guide to digital photo

Pretty basic but a good start and and easy read. Read it in a few hours. Awaiting volumes 2 and 3.

whichiphoneapp ,


Could of been so much better.

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