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The Complete Friday Q&A is a collection of articles on advanced topics in Mac OS X and iOS programming. With articles on memory management, performance tuning, Objective-C, system internals, and more, this book is your gateway to becoming fluent in complicated, obscure, and arcane corners of Mac and iOS programming.

Computers & Internet
January 25
Mike Ash
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Customer Reviews

Lily Ballard ,

A must-have for any Obj-C developer

Mike Ash's Friday Q&A series is consistently one of the most interesting and informative writing on Obj-C development. This book compiles most of the entire series into a single volume that I can read right on my iPad. No Obj-C developer should be without this great reference.

Mike Ellard ,

Excellent resource

I'm a huge fan of Mike Ash's blog. It is an indispensable resource for developers who have mastered the basics and now want to take their iOS/Mac OS skills to the next level.

Cocoa Noobie ,

A must

Despite many years of software development on everything from the home computers to laboratory minicomputers in assembly language to C++ to LabVIEW, and writing a software development book of my own, I'm now in the position of being a total noobie again with respect to Cocoa. I'm hoping that I won't be one forever, though. I can think of no better source than Mike Ash's blog posts to help bridge the gap between the multitude of beginner Cocoa books and an expert knowledge of the underpinnings of Cocoa programming. The Apple developer community owes him (and the many other bloggers who unselfishly spread their knowledge) a huge debt of gratitude. A little cash doesn't hurt either. ;-)

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