The Complete Guide to English Bulldogs

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The English Bulldog is one of those breeds that you know on sight. That short snout, stocky frame, underbite, and spiral tail are simply unmistakable for any other breed. They look quite intimidating too. But don't be fooled. Behind that tough-looking façade is a dog with a goofy disposition, surprising intellect, and a heart of gold.

In The Complete Guide to English Bulldogs you will learn everything you need to know from start to end; how to choose a puppy, training, traveling, grooming, health care and senior care. You will also learn all about the background of the breed, its history, breed pre-disposed diseases, and special traits. All the information is specific to Bulldogs and in easy-reading comprehensive detail. Find answers to questions like:
Is a English Bulldog the right dog for me?Should I buy from a breeder or adopt from a rescue?I brought my Bulldog home. What now?How can I best train my Bulldog?What are some common mistakes should I avoid?

Whether you are a veteran or novice Bulldog owner, there will be something for everyone in this book. Chapters include all the basics such as:
A Unique Look – The BulldogBreed History and CharacteristicsThe Ideal HomeFinding Your BulldogPreparing for Your PuppyThe First WeekThe First MonthHousetrainingSocialization and ExperienceBeing a Bulldog ParentLiving with other dogsTraining Your BulldogBasic CommandsNutritionGrooming – Productive BondingBasic Health CareHealth ConcernsYour Aging Bulldog

That unforgettable face has always hidden the absolutely darling dog's real potential. Bulldogs are not a high-energy dog, but not all of them are couch potatoes either. Bulldogs are shockingly intelligent as well, which often takes people by complete surprise (if they are basing their opinion of the dog purely on looks).

One of the reasons people are so familiar with Bulldogs is that this is a breed that is considered intimidating – simply based on their looks. This has made them one of the most popular mascots in the world. They are the face of high schools, colleges, and universities, as well as sports teams. They make great mascots because they love people and don't mind being the center of attention.

As a fairly low maintenance dog, they are great for families of nearly every type. They can be fairly stubborn, but with a loving and consistent approach, they will quickly come to understand the benefits of behaving. That high intellect also means that if your Bulldog has the desire, they can be great in competitions such as Obedience and Agility. Of course, if you prefer a couch potato, many of them love that too.

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