The Complete Guide to German Shepherds

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Taking the first step in deciding to get a dog can be a difficult one. Where do you start? Well, how about right here, and right now. The Complete Guide to German Shepherds is just that. The A to Z guide for the breed written in simple language. Why and when should you consider a German Shepherd? The Complete Guide to German Shepherds has those answers and many more.

Not all dogs are created equal. When it comes to GSD's (that's the short way to say German Shepherd Dog) they are truly a breed apart. They are large dogs; agile, fast, aggressive and intimidating if you want them to be. They are smart, loyal, inquisitive, persistent, protective and willing to push the boundaries. They're also willing to push your buttons if you let them. Sound like the dog for you? Sound like a challenge? You bet they are, but the payoff is a best friend who will never leave your side.

The Complete Guide to German shepherd will answer all your basic questions including:
Is a German Shepherd the right dog for me?I brought my German Shepherd home. What now?What are the best ways to train my GSD?What are some common mistakes should I avoid?

The Complete Guide to German Shepherds gives you the basic lowdown on this fabled breed. Everything from the renowned history of Rin Tin Tin, to how to avoid having your fingers chewed off by a puppy who is all teeth, to enjoying your canine companion as he ages. This book is designed to help you get the best out of all stages of your dog's life; while causing the least amount of stress. Chapters include basics and advanced topics such as:
Shepherd Saga (History of the German Shepherd breed)Is the German Shepherd right for you?German Shepherd StigmaBringing Your GSD HomeBeing a Proud Puppy ParentHousetrainingSocializing with People and AnimalsGerman Shepherds and Other PetsPhysical and Mental ExerciseTraining your GSDBasic CommandsAdvanced Training and OccupationsDealing with Unwanted BehaviorsTraveling with German ShepherdsNutritionGrooming your German ShepherdBasic Health CareAdvanced German Shepherd Health and Aging Dog Care

Let's be honest here. GSD's aren't for everyone. However, if you have your heart set on one of America's most popular breeds, this book will give you a great grounding on the path ahead of you. German Shepherds can be a tremendous challenge to your ego. They don't always want to do what you want them to. You have to give them a good reason. The Complete Guide to German Shepherds gives you a head start on your GSD. Believe me, you'll need it.

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