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Have you ever listened to a master blues musician and wondered why their solos sound different and more powerful than yours?

“Beyond Pentatonics” Contains 104 Pages of Blues Guitar Secrets for the Advancing Guitarist:

Add New, Rich Melodic Colours to your Solo

Learn how the Greatest Guitarists Target the Most Powerful Notes.

Master Every Important Scale Choice for Every Chord in the Blues Progression

Over 125 Licks, 80 Minutes of Audio and 10 Backing Tracks

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar is a three-part series that teaches you all the essential skills required to become an excellent blues guitarist.

Book Three: "Beyond Pentatonics" shows you how to break away from the minor pentatonic soloing rut that many blues guitarists quickly fall into.

The first half of "Beyond Pentatonics" shows you how to target the most powerful notes from each chord in the blues progression to create the greatest emotional effect.

Every chord change in the blues progression is covered in minute detail, with clear diagrams and plenty of great licks to learn. You’ll quickly find yourself playing emotive, original solos that you never before thought possible.

The second half of ‘Beyond Pentatonics’, looks in great detail at the many possible scale choices for each of the chords in the blues. Every essential scale choice is given for the I, IV and V chords, with theory and important concepts clearly explained. There are over 125 pieces of authentic blues vocabulary, plus many ‘tricks of the trade’ to help you incorporate these compelling sounds into your solos.

There is no better, more detailed book to teach you the melodic secrets of blues guitar soloing.

Buy it now and take your music to the next level

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December 4
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