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Includes all four Jack Hammer Sex Series adventures: Sex on the Beach, Threesome Cove, Swinging Into New Horizons and Driving a "Hard" Bargain. Collect all of Jack Hammer's sex adventures in one book.

Adults only.
Approximately 13,000 words.

Sex on the Beach
Jack Hammer is a successful, self-made man and has all the female attention he wants at work and everywhere else he turns. Despite the extra attention from his secretary, he needs something to take his mind off of the long hours he puts in at his desk job. Searching for a change of pace, Jack jumps on a flight to the tropics seeking adventure and something different. Will the sensuous flight attendant be able to take his mind off the daily grind? Can the clerk in the surfboard shop with the long, tanned legs distract him from the mundane, dreary city life?

Threesome Cove
Extending his break from his corporate desk job, Jack explores a remote cove of Maui with gorgeous surfer girl Emma. After discovering new uses for a boat motor on the boat ride to the cove, Emma and Jack find that their cove is not deserted. A beautiful woman shows them the best surfing break and also a cabin in the forest with just enough room for three to spend the night.

Swinging Into New Horizons
Jack and Emma travel to Central America seeking a hidden surf break and a remote luxury lodge. They find a way to break up the monotony of the long bus ride through the jungle and finally reach a hidden paradise. Good food, great surfing and a very attractive, very friendly couple in the guest room next door add up to a change of pace that everyone enjoys.

Driving a "Hard" Bargain
Jack Hammer returns to the city after his tropical exploits and jumps back into corporate life by negotiating a deal to acquire a large corporation. Mia, the gorgeous CEO on the opposite of the negotiating table, won’t budge on the stock price but Jack is prepared to use everything in his bulging arsenal to make the deal happen. Jack invites Mia to dinner and makes good use of all his assets and the conference room table to break through her defenses and get the price he wants.

Fiction & Literature
January 24
J.L. Hugh
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