The Complete Wilfred Owen The Complete Wilfred Owen

The Complete Wilfred Owen

The Collected Poetic Works

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This collection contains the complete poetic works of Wilfred Owen, published in chronological order.  It has been carefully formatted for clarity of viewing, and includes a Preface by the Author, and and Introduction by the celebrated war poet Siegfried Sassoon, who was a friend and contemporary of Wilfred Owen.

The collection contains the following poems:

 1. To Poesy
 2. Written in a Wood, September 1910
 3. My Dearest Colin
 4. Sonnet
 5. Lines Written on my Nineteenth Birthday
 6. Supposed Confessions of a Secondrate Sensitive Mind in Dejection
 7. O Believe That God Gives You all that He Promises
 8. Little Claus and Big Claus
 9. The Rivals
 10. A Rhymed Epistle to E.L.G.
 11. The Dread of Falling into Naught
 12. Science had Looked, and Sees No Life But This:
 13. The Little Mermaid
 14. The Two Reflections
 15. Deep Under the Turfy Grass and Heavy Clay
 16. Unto What Pinnacles of Desperate Heights
 17. Impromptu
 18. Sonnet- (Daily I Muse on Her)
 19. But it is not Enough to Look Upon a Rolling Main
 20. Uriconium
 21. When Late I Viewed the Gardens of Rich Men
 22. Long Ages Past in Egypt Thou Wert Worshipped
 23. O World of Many Worlds, O Life of Lives
 24. The Time was Aeon; and the Place All Earth
 25. Nocturne
 26. Impromptu: Now, Let Me Feel
 27. A Palinode
 28. It Was a Navy Boy, So Prim, So Trim
 29. Whereas Most Women Live This Difficult Life
 30. A New Heaven
 31. The Storm
 32. To The Bitter Sweet Heart: A Dream
 33. Roundel
 34. How Do I Love Thee?
 35. The Fates
 36. Happiness
 37. Song of Songs
 38. Has Your Soul Sipped
 39. The Swift
 40. Inspection
 41. With an Identity Disc
 42. The Promisers
 43. Music
 44. Anthem For Doomed Youth
 45. Winter Song
 46. Six O'Clock in Princes Street
 47. The One Remains
 48. The Sleeping Beauty
 49. The City Lights Along the Waterside
 50. Autumnal
 51. The Unreturning
 52. Perversity
 53. Maundy Thursday
 54. The Peril of Love
 55. The Poet In Pain
 56. Whither is Passed the Softly-Vanished Day
 57. On My Songs
 58. To - -
 59. To Eros
 60. 1914
 61. Purple
 62. On A Dream
 63. Stunned by Their Life's Explosion Into Love
 64. From My Diary, July 1914
 65. The Ballad of Many Thorns
 66. I Saw his Round Mouth's Crimson Deepen as it Fell
 67. Apologia Pro Poemate Meo
 68. Le Christianisme
 69. Hospital Barge
 70. Sweet is Your Antique Body, Not Yet Young
 71. Page Eglantine
 72. The Rime of the Youthful Mariner
 73. Who is the God of Canongate?
 74. My Shy Hand
 75. At a Calvary Near the Ancre
 76. Miners
 77. The Letter
 78. Conscious
 79. Schoolmistress
 80. Dulce Et Decorum Est 
 81. A Tear Song
 82. The Dead-Beat
 83. Insensibility
 84. Strange Meeting
 85. Sonnet on Seeing a Piece of Our Heavy Artillery Brought into Action
 86. Asleep
 87. Arms and the Boy
 88. The Show
 89. Futility
 90. The End
 91. S.I.W.
 92. The Calls
 93. Training
 94. The Next War
 95. Greater Love
 96. The Last Laugh
 97. Mental Cases
 98. The Chances
 99. The Send-Off
 100. The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
 101. Disabled
 102. A Terre
 103. The Kind Ghosts
 104. Soldier's Dream
 105. I Am the Ghost of Shadwell Stair
 106. Elegy in April and September
 107. Exposure
 108. The Sentry
 109. Smile, Smile, Smile
 110. Spring Offensive
 111. Before Reading a Biography of Keats for the First Time
 112. Consummation is Consumption
 113. Within Those Days
 114. Handling Upon the Fairy-Strange Enchantments
 115. Full Springs of Thought Around me Rise
 116. At Dawn, I Love to Stray Upon the Meeting-Line
 117. The West! I Dare Not Pass into the West
 118. Sonnet: When I Perceive by Watching
 119. Spring Not, Spring Not in my Wild Eyes, O Tears
 120. Impressionist
 121. O, Jesus, Now Thine Own Self Speaking
 122. Eve of St. Mark
 123. Why Should the Anguish of Leaving Those We Love
 124. How do the Heavens Rule my Moods!
 125. Tis But Love's Shadow - That So Haunts my Thought
 126. Hearts and Tarts
 127. There is a Set of Men Today Who Deal
 128. Science Contradicted
 129. Listen! The Multitude is Wailing for it's Sins
 130. Now, What's Your Poet, But a Child of Nine?
 131. Scene: Convalescent Stage of New Monia
 132. Here all the Summer Could I Stay
 133. I Began to Run
 134. Written on a June Night, 1911
 135. An Imperial Elegy
 136. I Know the Music
 137. But I Was Looking at the Permanent Stars
 138. Beauty
 139. Spells & Incantation
 140. Cramped in That Funnelled Hole
 141. As Bronze May Be Much Beautified
 142. The Roads Also Have Their Wistful Rest
 143. The Wrestlers

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    Andrew Holland
    Grades 3-17

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