The Conflict Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Obstacles, Adversaries, and Inner Struggles (Volume 1‪)‬

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Every story starts with a character who is motivated by a need and has a goal that can resolve it. Whether their objective is to find a life partner, bring a killer to justice, overthrow a cruel regime, or something else, conflict transforms a story premise into something fresh. Physical obstacles, adversaries, moral dilemmas, deep-seated doubts and personal struggles...these not only block a character's external progress, they become a gateway for internal growth. The right conflict will build tension and high stakes, challenge characters as they traverse their arcs, and most importantly, keep readers emotionally invested from beginning to end

Inside Volume 1 of The Conflict Thesaurus, you'll find:

• A myriad of conflict options in the form of relationship friction, failures and mistakes, moral dilemmas and temptations, pressure and ticking clocks, and no-win scenarios

• An analysis of each scenario that maps out possible complications and catastrophes, internal struggles, and the stressful impacts on a character's basic human needs

• Guidance on using conflict to influence your protagonist's character arc through opportunities for failure and success

• Master class instruction on internal conflict: what it is, why it's important, and how to incorporate it at the scene and story levels

• Information about the role conflict plays in generating high stakes that are personally significant to the character, upping the tension for readers

• A breakdown of the various adversaries your character might encounter along the way

Don't give your character a break. Keep the hits coming with a variety of obstacles that will force them to work harder to get what they want. With over 100 entries arranged in a user-friendly format, The Conflict Thesaurus is the guide you need to write intense and satisfying fiction readers won't forget.

October 11
JADD Publishing
JADD Publishing

Customer Reviews

AllisonC1965 ,

The Conflict Thesaurus - A Must-Have for Authors!

I don’t know about you, but I loathe conflict.

Nobody wants conflict in their life, right? But good authors know that conflict is an essential building block for a book that will keep readers turning the page. Conflict is a necessary part of every story, every plot, even how characters grow and change.

External conflict can be easier to figure out – roadblocks, ticking timebombs, people getting in the way of the main character’s goal.

But INNER conflict is much more difficult to write. As an author, GMC (goal, motivation, conflict) has always been the most difficult thing to figure out for my characters.

But NOW figuring out conflict will be so much easier with the brand spanking new Conflict Thesaurus! The geniuses at One Stop for Writers and Writers Helping Writers blog, Angela Ackerman and Rebecca Puglisi have just released The Conflict Thesaurus!

You will find in this thesaurus subjects such as Conflict’s role in storytelling: Shaping Characters, how plot and conflict combine, taking a deeper look into conflict, how to point the character toward growth, figuring out who is standing in your character’s way, sourcing conflict for your story or scene.

Types of conflict to look at include types of Relationship friction, Failures and mistakes, Moral dilemmas and temptations, Duty and responsibility, Pressures and ticking clocks, No-win scenarios.

Under each of those headings are sub-headings. Under each sub-heading are things to look at, such as: Minor complications, Potentially disastrous results, Resulting emotions, Possible internal struggles, Negative traits that may worsen the situation, Impact on basic needs, Positive traits to help the character cope, and Positive outcomes.

There are also wonderful Appendices called: How will your character respond to conflict, and Identifying your character’s internal conflict.

Is it any wonder that I’ve been a long-time fan of Angela and Becca? THIS is the book on conflict I’ve been waiting for, and I know authors everywhere will be thrilled to add this to their writing toolboxes!

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy and I devoured it. These thesauruses are always well-thought out and have SO much information, and this one did not let me down.

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