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Ayurvedic Practitioner and Healer, Shivani Gupta offers a spiritual and practical approach that empowers the modern-day woman to not feel guilty about going against societal norms to have a blissful pregnancy and childbirth.

March 13
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Neha G ,

Better Than What To Expect When You Are Expecting

5 years ago I was gifted “What To Expect When You Are Expecting” - the bible of every single woman that is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Like many women exploring this new transition in their life, I was overwhelmed by the size of this book and the tiny font. I mean, do women really need a handbook this thick for doing something that we have been doing for years?

Here is the grim fact around pregnancy that is rarely talked about. One in FIVE women you know will experience a miscarriage - something that has become the “norm” in America.

The Conscious Pregnancy presents an even more compelling narrative to women and the story of infertility. Gupta’s personal story is refreshingly honest - a tell-all of what pregnancy can be like: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Rarely have I read such a well-written story about how difficult pregnancy can be and how much someone struggled with the entire process. Again, relatable to all women - who are trying or thinking of getting pregnant.

After laying the groundwork for creating a healthy baby, Gupta then presents actionable steps to being fertile and how to prepare for pregnancy like a pro. Like What To Expect When You Are Expecting, there are also specific strategies and tactics. With the rate at which information about fertility and pregnancy moves, it's difficult to keep these strategies timeless in today’s toxic world. But the concepts and steps told by Gupta will hold any woman trying to get pregnant good stead for years to come. I for one will use it and the accompanying bonus material as a knowledgebase in my own personal journey.

To be clear, this is not just a tactics-based handbook for women. Nor is it philosophical, woo-woo, or a vague read for women. It's the necessary balance of age-old concepts and theories, real-world examples of successful pregnancy experts, and nitty-gritty strategies and tactics that can create a catalyst for changing the narrative around pregnancy: not only the WHY, but the HOW and WHEN (i.e. right now)!

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