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Sometimes the most important lessons we learn in life are taught from the children we care for.

Born three and half months early, weighing in at one pound and nine ounces, orphaned Cornell Richardson was fighting for his life.

Spending the first six months of his life in the NICU at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, the premature infant's survival was stacked against the odds—prognosis was bleak. But Occupational Therapist, Kim Cranham knew better and convinced her husband to bring the boy into their home and hearts to foster and care for the child.

But the battle had only just begun...

Author John C. Cranham takes readers on a journey through darkness and gloom to a future of brightness and hope for one family. With courage, inspiration, and perseverance, the young couple set out on a quest to save a child, but the reality remains, the boy saved the Cranhams in the process.

Chronicling 25 years as parents and caregivers, Cranham guides his readers through the lessons and principles that he and his wife learned from Cornell, resulting in a more peaceful, blissful, and content life. With tears in your eyes and hope in your hearts, you'll learn the true meaning of The Cornell Effect.

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January 19
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docrajdmd ,

Amazing read and influence!!

Thank u soooo much for everything all of these years... I just finished the book... Whoah... It is truly amazing... As I think of our mentorship/friendship/relationship over the last 20+ years, I always thought that it was always just tied to mostly u, but I now am realizing that it has been much more than that... it has also always been tied to Corndog, too (and Kim and the girls!)... I love u guys, and will always be indebted for your influences on me.... I am truly an example or side effect of “The Cornell Effect”... I have surmounted significant, though paling, obstacles as well, and am happy and ecstatic that I have been part of “The Cornell Effect”... My family is thankful EVERY day that we are part of his movement... Go CornDog!!