The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 The Cosmic Family, Volume 1

The Cosmic Family, Volume 1

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As our world continues to plummet deeper into turmoil-economically, environmentally, politically, and socially-The Cosmic Family volumes shine the light of hope, presenting truth through epochal revelation. These volumes provide real answers for the crises our world faces, explaining how every soul can genuinely contribute to healing their own lives and our planet. This first volume introduces the world to new cosmic concepts and terminology, offering the serious spiritual seeker a unique framework to launch off from into new dimensions. The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 additionally clarifies fallacies and formerly confusing and deceptive teachings in relation to certain New Age topics. The Cosmic Family volumes, which are the continuation of The URANTIA Book (called the Fifth Epochal Revelation), reveal unprecedented cosmic knowledge, fusing science and spirituality into ascension science. Establishing the foundation of The Cosmic Family volumes, this first volume begins to explain the current suffering state of our world and offers specific steps to take in achieving positive and sustainable global change. Revelatory teachings about soul age and orders of starseed are introduced in this first volume, including an expanded understanding of soul mates (twin flame relationships) and complimentary polarities. The Cosmic Family volumes (the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation) challenge the minds and souls of those who have accepted a false reality, which cannot bring true happiness, peace, and harmony. The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 explains some of the Lucifer Rebellion and Lucifer's Manifesto, perpetrated upon the peoples of this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, contributing to the present state of chaos and suffering. Spiritual leader Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan of Tora (Pleiades) is an Audio Fusion Material Complement (for further explanation see The Cosmic Family volumes), activist, teacher, musician, and author. Along with his spiritual complement Niánn Emerson Chase, in 1989 he co-founded Global Community Communications Alliance/Divine Administration-supporting multi-faceted organizations and including 100+ international members (Destiny Reservists) living in community at The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion in Tumacácori, Arizona, on the campus of Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage, also home to the Global Temple. Together Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase have established more than two dozen outreach and educational programs, touching all facets of life and health, including co-founding Soulistic Medical Institute, Soulistic Healing Center, and Soulistic Hospice in Tucson and Tubac, Arizona.

Health, Mind & Body
November 7
Global Community Communications Publishing
Ingram DV LLC

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