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In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas portrays the terror of a life sabotaged and the depths a man can sink to in pursuit of revenge. Framed as a Bonapartist traitor by a trio of conspirators, Edmond Dantès is confined to life on an island prison. On the edge of madness, his sanity is saved by an elderly prisoner’s stories of a hidden treasure. After a death-defying escape, Dantès vows to find the treasure and with it, bring vengeance to the three men responsible for destroying all he holds dear. But can Dantès bring just retribution without losing his soul?

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February 21
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Customer Reviews

Puppylover2010 ,

Great reading

I read this book when in a 7th grade adv reading class. I loved it then, and over the years never forgot that I loved it. Whenever I had a chance to watch any version of the movie I watched with the 7th grade memory of the book. Now at 43 I have read it again and found that I still regard it as one of the best reads. After waiting so many years to reread the book, I found that I had forgotten so much, that I could not remember the ending. I enjoyed rereading this book with the maturity and understanding as an adult.
Now I will reread Jane Eyre (also from that 7th grd reading class)

hutchiecpa ,

Vengeance is Mine (Potential Spoiler)

An enervating flirtation with extremes of emotion that bring several characters to the edge of madness, while others are well flung beyond the edge. The story builds and releases, builds and releases, until one reaches the end with some exhaustion, and a sober understanding of the author's exhortation that vengeance damages the avenger, and that the purpose of redemption is forgiveness, not revenge.

micruiz ,

Best Book I've read in a long time.

I would classify The Count of Monte Cristo as one of the best novels written. A must read and worth adding to your library. Some may only think of a sandwich. Alexandre will hit upon all your senses with voracity with an education in human behavior unto itself. I thoroughly enjoyed it's length, story, all the characters, including the time, the language used, and references. It is no wonder they used it in the education system. Nothing like the movie but what novel is? Use your imagination for you will not be dissapointed as it is better than anything you watch on TV. In the end, you will be left to ponder the next steps. If you are a romantic, make it so. I only wish I had read this a long time ago. Enjoy and do not be afraid of it's length.

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